Terms and Conditions for the use of Rasmus Torkel's software for XML processing and related functionality

The Purpose of these Terms and Conditions

I want to make this software available for free to the early adopters in perpetuity without foreclosing on the possibility of generating revenue from it in the future.



The terms "I", "me" and "my" refer to Rasmus Torkel, the author and current copyright holder of this sofware.

My software

"My software" refers to the XML processing software and all related software packaged with it that comes with these terms and conditions.

License Holder/Organisation

These terms and conditions refer to "license holders". A license holder can be an organisation such as a company, a university or a government. A license holder can also be an individual. In these terms and conditions, related companies within the same group of companies are separate organisations.

Where a license is held by an organisation, this license covers employees, contractors, volunteers and students for the work that they do for the organisation and for the learning they do with the organisation but not for any work or learning performed independently from the organisation holding the license.

Accessibility of Terms and Conditions

License holders must keep the terms and conditions of my software, along with the filled in Download Record in a place where everybody who accesses my software is able to find it. I recommend keeping them within each Java project containing my software and, where applicable, in or near each repository where the compiled software is kept.

Free License in Perpetuity

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, downloading my software and completing the Download Record according to the instructions within it, you or your organisation obtain a free license to use the downloaded version of my software. This license is in perpetuity, provided that the license holder complies with the terms and conditions. However if a license holder breaches the terms and conditions, I reserve the right on my own behalf and on the behalf of any future copyright holders to revoke the license and demand reasonable compensation.

I make no guarantee that free licenses for my software will be available in the future.

No Republishing and Limits on Transmission

License holders may not make my software available to the public through any means whatsoever.

The license holder may not share my software with other parties except in the situations described below.


There is no warranty for my software. The license holder is invited to peruse the source code and run my test cases and possibly additional test cases in order to verify the adequacy of my software for the license holder's intended purpose.

Modification of Artifacts

No Renaming of Packages and Classes

Renaming any of the packages and classes within my software is not permitted.

Other Modification of my Software

License holders may modify classes and package.html files. In both cases, the header must not be changed, but there must be a comment just below the header stating that modification by the license holder has taken place. License holders may also place additional classes or other files into the packages of my software, as long as the headers of those files identify the author and do not give the impression that they are part of my software.

Terms and Conditions

Changing the Terms and Conditions HTML file is not permitted. Changing the Download Record is also not permitted except to fill it in.

Terms and Conditions for non-license-holding Customers of Licence Holders

Customers who/which are not license holders for my software may receive or may have received my software as part of a product developed by a license holder in accordance with this Terms and Conditions document. In such cases these terms and conditions do not limit the indirect use of my software through the product supplied by the license holder. However, the use of my software separate from the license holder's supplied product is not permitted.