Rasmus Torkel's XML Library

Welcome to my page. I am publishing here my Java library that contains mostly classes for parsing and writing XML but also some other bits and pieces.

You may wonder why I felt a need to write an XML library. Basically I was dissatisfied with what was available. I felt that with the existing libraries an inordinate amount of code is required to parse relatively simple XML files. My library is different. It is very simple to use and application programmers will need to write a minimal amount of code to get their XML parsing job done. I have take great care to ensure that my library produces useful error messages that include location and to make information available to application programmers to enable them to generate similarly useful error messages including location. I have written an overview page with lots of examples. There is also Javadoc.

The library is compatible with Java 1.6.

For the time being, you can download the library for free. There are some terms and conditions. In summary, if you download now, the terms and condition allow you to use the library for free and in perpetuity and allow you to incorporate it into commercial products and custom software. There are some restrictions on how you can share it. There are also some protections in place so that my authorship is not obscured.

I welcome constructive feedback. If you are using my library, please let me know. If you considered my library and then decided not to use it, I would also be interested. You can contact me by email. To avoid spam robots, I have to be a bit cryptic. My address is "com", preceded by the dot symbol, preceded by "rasmustorkel", preceded by the at symbol, preceded by "xml".

Downloads (version 1.2)

The library can be downloaded as source or as a jar. If you want to download the source version, create an empty Java project and copy in the source code and the terms and conditions. The test download consists of source and data.
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About myself

I was born in 1966 in Germany. In my day job, I am a programmer in the Telecommunications industry, building network management systems. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am married and have four children.

I also have some content other than software. You can see it here.

Artifact File Name Date SHA-1 Checksum
Library (code) RTXML_Library_1_2_4.zip 2016-09-25 7B6D5417EB82EF9B009A19EC7957EDCDAF134C5E
Library (jar) RTXML_Library_1_2_4.zip 2016-09-25 6240355553656BB2CEF43DF1B35C9B0A09AFDBE1
Tests for Library (code plus data) RTXML_Test_1_2_4.zip 2016-09-25 157B29B04F98F03E234A8BA11661E6345D8A9B56